Our Story

Food Provenance refers to the source or origin of our food. Derived from the French word provenir meaning to come from

The provenance of the food we eat has become increasingly important over the past decade. We are demanding more transparency around what we eat. We want to know where it’s grown, raised or caught, and how it’s made. And now we want the same transparency for our dog’s food too.

Provenance Pet Food was created by my husband and I out of a need for a really high-value and healthy dog treat. We had just become pet parents to an English Springer Spaniel puppy, Shadow, who needed something that smelt and tasted amazing to distract him from all the excitement of the big wide world in those early training days. 

We knew we'd found a winning formula with our first treat recipe, Beef & Sardine, when Shadow started to immediately respond to recall.  

The meat that makes the grade for Provenance Pet Food is sourced as locally as possible, whenever possible, but always from Australia.